Day Excursions

NE 01 - Nairobi City Tour - 4 hrs

A tour of the city centre, shopping areas, parliament buildings, National Museum and Snake Park .

Tour Price : USD 70 only per person.

NE 02 - Nairobi National Park - half day

Visit the Nairobi National Park only a few kilometers from the city centre of the city centre. Of the big five only the elephant is absent. .This tour begins in the morning or afternoon. This unique wildlife sanctuary is tucked just 10 kms away from the bustling city centre. Several animal species roam within this park including four members of the big five, exceptional being the elephant. Animals to be found here include; lions, leopards, zebras, rhinos, wildebeests, and other species including beautiful bird life.

Tour Price : USD 145 only per person.

“Jambo!” This is a very popular greeting in the Kiswahili language, “welcome to Mombasa” This is the second-largest city in Kenya with an estimated population of about 1.4 million people. Mombasa being the coastal region cultural and economic hub it Mombasa has a large sea port, an international airport, and is an international tourism destination. You may be interested to make a day trip to; The Bustling Fruit and Vegetable Market, The Old Town, The Old Port, Fort Jesus, The Famous Elephant Tusks at Moi Avenue and Akamba Wood Carvers Centre. You may also like to visit Haller Park, It is the transformation of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area.

 ME 01 - Mombasa City Tour - Half day

You will be picked up in the morning or afternoon from your hotel. The tour picks out some of the highlights of this colourful city including the bustling fruit and vegetable market. The Old Town and Port, Fort Jesus , the famous Elephant Tusks in Moi Avenue and Akamba Wood Carvers Centre. Later on you will be dropped back to your hotel arriving in time for lunch.


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