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Monday, 06 June 2016 12:54

Kenya Safari Tour Masai Mara – Kenya is a Safe Destination to Visit

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safety in kenya masai mara migration safety in kenya masai mara migration

One of the best destinations to visit in Africa is Kenya. The beautiful country has a combination of wildlife animals, beaches and lovely warm hearted people. A Kenya safari combined with its sandy beaches leaves you with a memorable safari of a lifetime. A safari to Masai Mara will leave you wordless; witnessing the migration of the wilderbeest which takes place in the months of July to October from Serengeti (Tanzania) to Masai Mara (Kenya).This is the seven wonder of the world as this happens every year. Many questions are asked about this wildebeest migration in masai mara kenya like…How do they know July has reached and they start off their journey to Kenya? Several get killed, while crossing Mara River, but this does not stop them from crossing.

While you are in Kenya in the National parks, there are different types of accommodations with different budgets. It is very safe to be in Kenya. An Africa Kenya holiday trip will make your dreams come true. Feel free to come and enjoy your African vacation in style.

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