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Kenya Nairobi Safari Holiday - Enjoy an African Vacation in Nairobi

24 March 2014
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Are you planning to have an Africa vacation in Nairobi during the next holiday season? May be you have heard a lot about Africa and its awesome attractions talked about all over the internet , on TV and magazines. You would probably want to visit one of the Kenya and see the big five, the mountains, forests, birds and other natural wildlife attractions not found anywhere else around the world except Africa. African Memorable Safaris can organize a Kenya Nairobi safari that will make your dream come true.

How Much Time Do You have for a Nairobi Vacation?

Our tailor made safaris are organized in such a way that a visitor can enjoy a day trip, a short safari that takes a span of two to four days or even a long safari that can go upto two weeks. If you do not have much time there are trips from Nairobi that we can recommend for you to go for. If you have ample time there are also safaris from Nairobi that you can choose to go for including visiting the masai mara.

Enjoying Day Trips in Nairobi Kenya

African Memorable Safaris day trips in Nairobi are organized in such a way that the visitor will enjoy every bit of the taste of a city safari at very affordable prices. The itinerary include:

  1. Nairobi City Tour – approximately four hours. You will be driven around the city centre, through the shopping areas, see the parliament buildings, the KICC, National Museum and the Snake Park where there is a lot to see and enjoy.
  2. Nairobi National Park – Visit this park that is the pride of Nairobi city which is only ten kilometers away. This is the only park in the world that is near a big city. It houses all the big five except the elephant. You will see animals like lions, leopards, giraffes, zebra, rhino, wildebeests, bird life and other animals. It is one of the trips that can be made in the morning or afternoon that assures a touch of wildlife in just a day.
  3. Bomas of Kenya – Enjoy a three hours music entertainment by traditional dancers and guided tour of bomas (traditional huts) found in the compound.
  4. The Carnivore Experience – Enjoy your lunch and dinner at the famous Carnivore restaurant and participate in Africa’s greatest eating experience. If you have never taken game meat, there are four types to choose from. It is a barbecue that you will never ever forget about.
  5. Karen Blixen Museum and Giraffe Centre – This is a four hours Nairobi trip to the foot of Gong hills there the home of Karen Blixen is located. The home is now a museum that became when the famous book out of Africa and the movie was produced took its fame.  Visit the giraffe centre too which was started as an educational place to enlighten the community about endangered species like the Rothschild giraffe which is among the animals rescued. You can take your time to feed them and have a face to face relationship with some of the giraffes.
  6. Day trip away from the city – Nairobi lake Nakuru day trip – This trip will require dedication of the whole day as Nakuru is a bit of a distance from Nairobi. You will drive in the morning along the Rift Valley where you will stop over some recognized views of escarpments where you will really wonder and marvel on the attractions. On arrival you will enjoy a mid-morning game drive and take your lunch at the Nakuru lodge. Later in the afternoon, enjoy another game drive as you move out of the park. This is the famous pink lake, be ready to see flamingoes colouring the shores as well as other birds like the pelicans. You can also be keen to see the rhinos, black and white as there is a  sanctuary within. Other animals include buffaloes, antelopes, baboons that are always seen along the roads, lions if lucky to spot one, giraffes among others. There is a baboon cliff where one can take a wide view of the lake as you take nice photos of the environment. Go back to the city early evening.

Consider Short Safaris From Nairobi to various destinations

If you have two or three days to spend, you can enjoy a trip from Nairobi to chosen destinations. African memorable safaris have tailor made safaris that you could choose from. These holiday trips are organized such that the visitor will have an overnight at a lodge / camp at the destination. They are usually a vacation to one destination where the visitor will thoroughly explore the attractions for the time available. The game drives are usually in the afternoon and early mornings before going back. The most famous short Kenya Nairobi safaris include two days Lake Nakuru safari and two days Masai mara safari.

Enjoying long Holiday Safaris from Nairobi Kenya

If you have enough time to spare then you should consider going for more than three days safaris from Nairobi Kenya. They are tailor made to give the visitor a chance to explore the famous destinations usually along the Rift Valley. They are great choices for those visitors interested in photography as well as spotting closely all animals in a wish list like all the big five. The destinations may include a combination of two, three or more destinations. The more the destinations the more the days spent. African memorable safaris tailormade trips include a combination like lake Nakuru and Masai mara, lake Naivasha and Masai mara, Aberdares / Sweetwater / lake Nakuru and Masai Mara, Amboseli / Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara National Park. All these trips could go upto seven days.

Road and Air trips from Nairobi

Depending on budget and time frame a visitor has to put on a safari, there are possibilities of choosing whether to take road safaris from Nairobi or Nairobi Air Safaris. The destinations in this case may change for air trips. Usually the air safaris from Nairobi include masai mara safari and amboseli safari. The trips mentioned earlier that take several combinations are examples of road trips from Nairobi. It is always a visitors choice to make whether to travel by air or road especially if the budget allows.

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